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Picture of Marianne the owner
Marianne Spence
Owner and Headmaster

IMagine Preschool's goals and mission

When it comes to running a preschool, experience and pateince can make all the difference. That's why Marianne has been so successful in this field. With over 30 years of experience in teaching & being a mother, she has developed a unique set of skills while acquiring like minded teachers that make her preschool stand out.


In addition to her years of experience as a mother, Marianne has also worked in other schools/ school districts. This has given her a broad perspective on teaching & learning that she brings to her own preschool. She understands the importance of creating a curriculum that is both engaging & developmentally appropriate.


Overall, Marianne's preschool is a wonderful example of what can be achieved with experience, dedication, and a nurturing spirit. If you're looking for a preschool that will provide your child with a safe and loving environment in which to learn and grow, look no further than Imagine preschool.

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